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Drought declared a State of Emergency

In a joint action, representatives of the NAU, NNFU and NECFU paid a visit to Minister Schlettwein on Thursday, 4 April 2024 to discuss several proposals regarding agriculture.


Amongst others, the unions jointly requested:

  1. that His Excellency the President of Namibia is urged to declare the 2024 drought a national disaster.

  2. that drought relief measures should commence as early as possible within a year of disaster and should include all regions and be available throughout the year.

  3. a special programme to ensure staple food security which should apply to all crop farmers affected by drought.


The NAU is pleased to receive the news that the Namibian President, Dr Nangolo Mbumba has declared a National State of Emergency due to the current persisting drought.


Government Gazette 8370 of 2024, published on 27 May reads:

Under Article 26 (I) of the Namibian constitution, read together with section 30 (3) of the Disaster Risk Management Act, 2012 (Act. No. 10 of 2012), I declare that, with effect from 22 May 2024, a State of Emergency exists in Namibia on account of the persisting national disaster of drought that exists in all the regions of the Republic of Namibia.


The declaration of the state of emergency follows a recent remark by the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Honourable Calle Schlettwein, that Namibia is facing the worst drought in over 100 years and that currently about 331 000 households have been registered countrywide to receive drought-relief food aid.


The NAU President, Thinus Pretorius, voiced his satisfaction and stated, "The necessary protocol can now be prepared to address the drought in all the regions and unlock the budgeted N$825 million for aid measures."


The state of emergency is in effect as from 22 May 2024.


According to a cabinet decision, the distribution of the budgeted N$825 million is as follows:

  • N$600 million for food aid until 30 June 2025, as well as

  • N$100 million each for livestock and water supply, and

  • N$25 million for seed and other agronomic and horticulture needs until 31 March 2025.

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