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General Information

The Namibia Agricultural Union spearheads organised agriculture in Namibia. In its 75 years of existence, this national organisation has established itself well as the mouthpiece and mediator of the commercial farmer. The NAU not only represents the farmers' thoughts and aspirations upfront but also endeavours to develop the total agricultural community.
Who should become a member?

Membership is voluntary. Any entrepreneur of 18 years and older who owns agricultural land, lease land, is a part-time farmer or occupies land himself can become a member of the NAU via a farmers' association. The NAU finances itself through the subscription of its members and levies on products.

NAU Mission Statement

To promote a conducive environment for sustainable agriculture.

Mission Statement
Core Values
  • serve agriculture with honesty, integrity and transparency

  • represents its members regardless of race, gender, political- or religious affiliation

  • accepts responsibility and appreciates loyalty

  • values peace, security and stability

  • values prosperity within sustainability

Strategic Objectives
  • to create unity and harmony among agricultural producers

  • to obtain clarity and security on landownership/rights and land use

  • to ensure optimal and sustainable utilisation of agricultural potential

  • to establish systems for effective and efficient communication to all stakeholders

  • to improve human capacity and

  • to manage the NAU effectively and efficiently

Achieving the objectives

To achieve these objectives, the NAU

  • work in close collaboration with the Namibia National Farmers Union and other stakeholders

  • negotiate and make recommendations to the government

  • promote sustainable agricultural production

  • promote diversification of agricultural production

  • investigate and promote farmers involvement in the value chain

  • communicate to its members and other stakeholders

  • establish efficient structures at national, regional and local levels

  • support emerging farmers in commercial agricultural practices

Core Values
Assistance to emerging farmers

The NAU and NNFU (Namibia National Farmers Union) piloted a joint program under the banner of "Emerging Commercial Farmers Support Programme" in order to assist emerging farmers regarding

  • transfer of knowledge and experience to emerging farmers

  • organising emerging farmers

  • establishing commercial management skills

  • support in practical farming skills

Emerging farmers
NAU Structure
NAU Structure.001.png
NAU structure
Communication systems

The NAU communicates with its members and the public through

  • weekly radio programmes:

    • Landboumikrofoon on the Afrikaans Service of the NBC broadcast on Saturday mornings at 06:00 and Sunday afternoons at 13:15

    • Farmers Infos on the German Service of the NBC on Saturdays at 13:15 and Mondays at 12:00

    • Landbou Joernaal Saturdays on Kanaal 7 at 06:00


  • the weekly NAU newsletter, including the NAU Smalls

  • the NAU Website

  • the NAU Facebook Page

Communication Systems
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