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Dairy Producers' Association (DPA)

The Dairy Producers' Association is affiliated with the Namibia Agricultural Union.
Vision of the DPA

To create a dairy industry that provides the affordable, preferred choice of nourishment accessible to all, and thus to improve the quality of life of every Namibian citizen.

Mission of the DPA

To increase the consumption of high quality, natural Namibian dairy products by competitively creating and satisfying consumer demands, and by equitable participation in an enabling regulatory environment.

Although currently a relatively small industry, the dairy sector of Namibia is regarded of strategic importance to food self-sufficiency by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. Approximately 80% of all dairy producers in Namibia are members of the Dairy Producers’ Association and contribute to its finances by voluntary levies paid per litre milk sold to Namibia Dairies.

The dairy industry strives to continuously provide the best quality product to the consumer and to improve product awareness.

About the DPA
Management of the DPA
DPA Management
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