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Key Results

  1. Regeneration is taking place in the high-density camps with 
    denser soils.

  2. Valuable perennial grasses are returning on harder soils.

  3. Cow pregnancy is an average of 91% and sheep weaning is 90%.

  4. The high-pressure grazing of big herds on a small section of veld automatically allows for longer periods of rest for the other areas of the farm as well as the areas that have already been grazed.

  5. The grazing has stimulated the better-quality grasses and the climax grasses, which recuperate relatively quickly with rest.

Farm Witpan

Rangeland Booklet 2022 - ENGLISH FINAL_page45_image.png

Danie Visser uses various practices for diff erent conditions. He uses high density, fast moves in the wet season but keeps smaller herds at calving and lambing times. He focuses more on rest, animal performance and the establishment of favoured plants than on fi xed timing. When you graze, it is about the animals; when you rest, it is about the plants. Currently, the sheep-cattle ratio is 60:40. As the quantity and quality of the veld improves (more climax grasses), he would like to change the sheep-cattle ratio to 40:60.

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