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Key Results

  1. Average of 87% cattle calving and 100% lamb weaning throughout the ten-year period.

  2. Sustainable stocking rate improved from 20 kg/ha to 30 kg/ha.

  3. Throughout the ten-year period, the kilograms live weight produced per hectare was 11 kg/ha. 

  4. Considerable reduction of input costs.

  5. Core herds of cattle and sheep were brought successfully through the 2019/20 drought.

  6. Achievement of financial resilience due to drought resilience and good performance and fertility of the animals.

  7. Reduced predator-related losses of sheep and calves due to a regularly patrolled electrifi ed perimeter fence.

Farm Pommernhagen

Rangeland Booklet 2022 - ENGLISH FINAL_page27_image.png

​In 2012, Thorsten and In 2012, Thorsten and Ursula Lüsse adapted their Ursula Lüsse adapted their grazing approach to achieve grazing approach to achieve grazing approach to achieve rangeland improvement and rangeland improvement and increased animal performance. In increased animal performance. In 1972, when the family first arrived on 1972, when the family first arrived on the farm, there was only one perennial grass tuft. Now, the veld is dominated by perennial grasses and the Swarthaak trees are dying off  naturally. 

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