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Key Results

  1. Predator losses have decreased from 40 calves to 1-2 calves per year as a result of using planned grazing and combined herding, Anatolian dogs, and mobile overnight kraals. 

  2. Calving percentage is an average of 72% since the onset of planned grazing and combined herding and bulls remaining with the herd all year round. 

  3. Reduced input costs by only providing block salt to the animals due to low phosphate needs on this farm.

  4. Noticeably improved resource base, with improved ground cover and a reduced fl ow into gullies and dams. 

  5. Direct market to the public and to organic market outlets in Windhoek enables good prices

  6. Human-livestock interactions are calm and stress free.

  7. The building of a community of knowledge and practice. 

Farm Krumhuk

Rangeland Booklet 2022 - ENGLISH FINAL_page39_image.png

Clemens and Ulf-Dieter Voigts say that it is important to caringly observe nature as well as the people around you to fi nd answers for your management questions. This is as important as all the charts, measurements and records needed to measure your success.

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