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Key Results

  1. Over the period of 28 years (1987-2014), the cattle production has increased by 60% (8 kg/ha to 13 kg/ha) and the stocking rate has increased by 52% (23 kg/ha to 35 kg/ha). These results are all management, bush-thinning and rainfall related (the rainfall increased by 21% over the same period). 

  2. Fighting bush eff ectively remains the key priority.

  3. Peter has moved away from heavy cows with estimated breeding values (EBV) for high growth as they require you to stock lighter and they produce fewer calves, which results in a decrease in production per hectare. He now uses bulls that give fat, early-maturing animals.

Farm Hamburg

Rangeland Booklet 2022 - ENGLISH FINAL_page23_image.png

Peter and Sieglinde Zensi are withdrawing from active management of the farm but sees a future in good rangeland management with bush control and aftercare and planting 10% of the land to Bloubuff el (Cenchrus sp.) grass for grazing and baling for drought conditions. Peter says that if you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. In the future we will need to intensify management.

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