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Key Results

  1. No additional infrastructure required to apply the Mara grazing approach.

  2. Easy and effective part-time management with good staff  and very good results. 

  3. Good fodder-flow management, with early warning if stocking is not correct.

  4. Good animal performance (80% cow calving) and good animal production (12.4 kg/ha) since 2019. 

  5. Selection for fertility resulted in a reduction in mature cow weight over the first few years and markedly better condition, especially the new breeding heifers that were put to the bull. 

  6. Beneficial improvement of the resource base over a short period of time, showing the return of Brachiaria and perennial Finger grasses. 

  7. The area that was selectively bush-thinned (treat one problem species and leave the next one) with arboricide during 2019 currently has four times more biomass than the average of all other investigated sites. The total cost (the chemical and labour) was less than N$300/ha during 2019-2021.

Farm Donkerbos

Rangeland Booklet 2022 - ENGLISH FINAL_page33_image.png

Mara Approach: rest two-thirds of the farm every year during the main rainy season 
(February to April) with maximum root growth during early winter (May to June)

Roelie Venter applies 
the Mara Grazing 
Approach, which is 
being demonstrated 
during an information 
day on his farm. 

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